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Thoroughly Exterminate Bed Bugs in Lincoln, NE

Bug infestations don’t have to be a huge hassle when you call Arrow Pest Control to get rid of the bed bug in your home. At our pest control company, we guarantee that we can bring you peace of mind by removing the infestation. For a clean home, call our company in Lincoln, NE, today.

Pest Control Worker Spraying pesticides on shelves in kitchen

Seek Out The Intruders

Before beginning the extermination process, we first have to find where the bugs are crawling in from. As professionals, we know how bed bugs think and will sniff them out, no problem. Rest assured, knowing we’ll discover the issue in no time.

Customized Service for Your Commercial & Residential Needs

Non-Toxic and Safe Chemicals 

At Arrow Pest Control in Lincoln, NE, we use insecticides specially made to kill off every bed bug in your home. Our chemical sprays are safe and non-toxic for you. Ensure you properly exterminate every last bed bug with help from our company.

Increase The Heat To Decrease The Threat

Rid your home of little critters with the help of our heating units. Bed bugs can’t survive in extreme heat above 118 degrees, making heat treatment an effective way to exterminate the invaders. Don’t let bed bugs ruin your home. Take charge with our pest control today.

Take Care Of Your Home Problems

Never be afraid of bugs in your home again when you call Arrow Pest Control to deal with it. We’re trained to exterminate pests, whether they’re in your walls or bed. Call our office in Lincoln, NE, today to schedule pest control that’s guaranteed to work.

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